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An infinite cycle in the spirit of the environment

In addition to standard products we provide individual and specific products, meeting customer requests. Hollow and flat glass is recycled to become correspondent products later used by the industry. The respective products are used to manufacture float glass, mineral wool, glass beads, abrasive, foam glass and especially for the production of container glass. Our standard products for the container glass industry include essentially glass granulate grained at the size of 0-60 mm. Processed and recycled flint, amber and green glass form our main product lines. Being cullet supplier to the industry, we focus on quality assurance of our processes and on quality control regarding our products. The fact that customer satisfaction takes center stage remains crystal clear. In the context of production, we supervise the treatment process by taking continuous samples and conducting material analyses. The previously defined sample quantities are retrieved in a six-minute-inverval and immediately analyzed manually to determine if any relevant impurities exist. This provides us with data to specifications and relevant critical values. The mixed sample of an hourly load consisting of ten individual samples makes it possible to make representative declarations about our produced qualities. The quality guideline T120, which has been agreed upon between customers of the container glass industry and the Federal Association of the German Glass Industry representing the glass processors, sets standards for compliance with the specific requirements for cullet. Specifications for e.g. CSP, metals, color-clarity and glass granularity and the herewith connected maximum contamination are regulated in the guideline.        quality guideline T120
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