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Our logistic possibilities ensure a frequent and efficient collection rhythm of waste glass as well as delivery of our products on schedule. Our fleet consists of: high-power container vehicles modern semi-trailer trucks flexible crane vehicles Our logistics is oriented towards short response time in terms of setting and picking up containers. Thanks to the intensive linkage between our sales department and our logistics we are able to perform high capacity services benefiting our customers and adding to their satisfaction. Our container and collection logistics allows us to offer our customers a correctly sorted separation of their waste glass. Hereby the conditions are given for an optimum recycling process and therefore the highest possible compensation. We offer you: Roller containers 12 cbm – 36 cbm Perfect for large quantities of glass waste e.g. bottlers and glass manufacturers. For the purpose of transport-ready storage and recycling we provide our customers with a variety of hireable roller containers in all common sizes – optionally with built-in dividers for collecting different sorts. Small volume containers 1 cbm Ideal for cutting tables, glazieries and window manufacturers. To ensure a professional use at our customers' cutting tables, we offer stackable containers  – optionally equipped with castors – as well as appropriate lifting beams to transfer the glass waste into heavy duty containers.
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Don't hesitate to contact us to receive further information or our advise on a better and more efficient collection of your waste product and our resource glass. Your satisfaction regarding trouble-free production and operations on your side is our goal.