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Waste Glass Acceptance (hollow and flat glass)

The solution for your glass waste

At our certified site in Dormagen-Nievenheim, we assure you both a professional and proper recycling process of glass waste delivered to us. Our trained and quality conscious employees in the receiving area (scale) regularly inspect deliveries regarding color and glass type clarity as well as the degree of contamination. At this juncture, our standardized input specifications and the material specifications agreed upon beforehand with our suppliers and output customers are the base for the decision making process. Certain input contamination and types of glass (glass containing heavy metal, heat-proof and heat-resistant glass, glass fractions containing corundum) are excluded to the full extent from acceptance. Please see our input criteria for acceptance of the respective types of glass for the correspondent specifications.

GRI Glasrecycling GmbH

Quality guidelines for acceptance of waste glass in Dormagen Hollow glass quality I Bottler quality Absolutely clean, color clear, not compacted. Closing caps and adhering labels may be contained. Points of origin: e.g. breweries and mineral water producers Hollow glass quality I Collector quality Bottles, jars and other glass containers delivered not compacted, as flint, amber, mixed glass, without any dissimilar contamination (especially no ceramics, stone ware and porcelain). Points of origin: e.g. waste collection points, company cafeterias maximum allowable off-color content: 8% for amber glass 3% for flint glass 5% for green glass Flat glass quality I Flat glass clear and clean For example, cutoff from glazieries or cutting tables, Float glass absolutely free of coating, coloring and any contamination such as adhesion of rubber or putty. Laminated glass Cutoff from glazieries and cutting tables, absolutely free of clear and clean  (VSG) coating, coloring and contamination. Insulated window glass   Cutoff from glazieries and cut-out workshops, absolutely clean. The clear (flint),as well inner frame may naturally be contained. as tinted Safety glass Reject from glazieries and cutting tables, absolutely clean. Toughened glass Flat glass quality II Flat glass mixed  clear Flat glass, patterned glass, insulated glass, wired glass, safety glass, (Isomix) toughened glass and laminated glass, without tinting and coating, dissimilar contamination. However, adhesion of silicone, putty, sealant or lamination are permissible. Insulated glass, e.g. Thermopane windows incl. of inner frame. Arise e.g. during remodeling and demolition of buildings or removal of windows. No fire protection glass and glass bricks or contamination with sand,   stone or construction waste! Flat glass mixed colored As described above, though including coloring or tinting of the glass. Furthermore, laminated glass and car windshields may be contained. Laminated and car glass Laminated glass and car windshields respectively, also mixed with toughened glass (Sekurit), without loose gaskets and  dissimilar contamination. For example from car glazieries and car workshops. Flat glass quality III Flat glass mixed As described for the aforementioned quality II, though with moderate contaminated contamination with dissimilar materials. For example from  construction or demolition sites and the deconstruction of greenhouses and glasshouses. Wired glass Only to be delivered separately. Mirror glass Only to be delivered separately. General information Containers must be absolutely clean prior to loading! Flat glass, laminated glass and car glass may be mixed when delivered to our site. The addition of specialty glass ( light bulb glass, monitor glass, laboratory glass, heat or fire proof glass, glass-ceramic (e.g. Ceran cooktops), etc.), as well as corundum or mud/dust containing corundum or any kind of abrasives will lead strictly to refusal of acceptance. Acceptance hours: Monday – Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Exception: Flat glass deliveries November to March 6:00 am to 4:00 pm Point of delivery: GRI Glasrecycling GmbH Edisonstr. 2 (industrial park Delrath) 41542 Dormagen Tel.: 0 21 33 / 27 91 – 10 Fax 0 21 33 / 27 91 – 33
Important information: To prevent unnecessary breakage of glass, we guarantee handling input quantities with care. This is exactly what we ask for when it comes to our suppliers. In this way, we try to minimize breakage and dust/fines as far as possible since contamination of that kind  is much more difficult to detect and to eliminate. In this context, the increasingly used method of handling glass quantities collected from households which is exercised by many Duales System operators is counterproductive. It puts the compliance with quality goals in danger.